Keep Water Features in Good Shape

Keep Water Features in Good Shape

Swim safely thanks to pool inspection services in the Peoria, AZ area

Leaks in your pool or tears in your pool liner can wreak havoc on your property. Protect Property Inspections LLC offers pool inspection services so you can make sure your pool is sealed correctly and watertight.

Is this your first pool? Don't stress about the minor details and maintenance information. We'll educate you on everything you need to know. You'll find out what each component in your pool does and why it's important.

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Get a spa inspection to make sure your hot tub works correctly

A spa inspection lets you keep relaxing without a worry in the world. Catching problems early gives you a chance to fix them before your spa becomes totally unusable. Using a strict set of standards, we'll investigate your home spa and determine what issues need to be addressed.

Pool inspections cost $50, and spa inspections cost $35. For a better value, you can get both done for just $75. Once repairs have been completed, you can even ask for a re-inspection to make sure that your pool and spa have been restored the right way.

Contact us now to schedule a spa inspection in Peoria, AZ.