Investigate Your New Build in Peoria, AZ

Investigate Your New Build in Peoria, AZ

A new construction inspection lets you know your house is safe

Custom construction gives you the opportunity to live in a place designed just for you. Make sure that dream home is structurally sound with a new construction inspection from Protect Property Inspections LLC.

We'll compile a user-friendly report for you to look over. The report makes it much easier for you to request repairs from a construction company.

Call 480-808-2828 now to set up a new construction inspection in Peoria, AZ.

Keep your home in order with an 11-month warranty inspection

Most new construction homes come with a one-year warranty. By getting your house checked out before your warranty expires, you can make sure that any repairs you need will be covered by the manufacturer. An 11-month warranty inspection covers all your bases before your first year is up.

Your builder can fix any problems the inspection digs up. Common problems you might encounter are:

  • Inadequate insulation
  • Roof defects
  • HVAC problems

With a well-timed inspection, you're able to hold your builder accountable. Contact us today to schedule an 11-month warranty inspection in Peoria, AZ.