Put Your Anxieties to Rest

Put Your Anxieties to Rest

Set up a home buyer inspection in or around Peoria, AZ

With a home buyer inspection from Protect Property Inspections LLC, you can learn about the home you're looking at before you sign any papers. Your family's safety is important. If there's a flaw in your home's foundation or a mold infestation, you could be at risk.

Make sure you have all the information. An educational walkthrough will teach you everything you need to know about homeownership and home maintenance, particularly when it comes to the specific house. For a small additional charge, you can even arrange for a detached structure inspection or a guest house inspection.

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A home inspector makes you more comfortable with buying a home

The right home inspector can sniff out any potential problems with the home you hope to buy. You'll be able to go into pricing negotiations with the full story. When investigating your house or a house you hope to purchase, we'll take plenty of pictures and report all our findings to you.

You'll find out about:

  • Roof stability and access
  • Your attic space
  • Termite damage or infestation

After repairs have been made, you can get a re-inspection to assure yourself that the repair work was done correctly.

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