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Since many people have been spending their time at home these past few months, they’ve been finding new ways to make themselves comfortable and make it seem like they’re out on the town. One thing that a lot of people have invested in for the first time is a high-quality grill. Whether you’re a first-time grill owner or an established grillmaster, there are some basic tips for safety that all of us can benefit from.

For one thing, it’s essential to use your grill in an open and well-ventilated location. The radiant heat and smoke from a grill can do a number on vinyl siding, for example. Also, the carbon monoxide from charcoal grills can be extremely dangerous if it’s not ventilated properly.

Also, keeping your grill clean – particularly the cooking grates, grease traps, and heating elements will help you avoid unwanted flare-ups from the fire. Propane grills also have a number of connections and hoses that would be good to inspect regularly.

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