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How has your life changed this year? Likely, you’ve picked up a few new habits that you didn’t have before – at least, not to the same extent – and you’re far from alone.

While most people likely had a good habit of cleaning their homes, this pandemic has taught us the value of a deeper level of cleaning and disinfecting in order to keep viruses out of our homes. For example, making it a point to disinfect common touchpoints like doorknobs, light switches, and countertops soon after arriving home from the outside world can help a lot. As recommended by the CDC, a basic solution of bleach and water (5 tbsp bleach/1 gal water) can be enough to kill the coronavirus that causes COVID-19, but there are also plenty of available commercial disinfectant products that could be used.

Hopefully, little habits like this can be a good thing that comes out of this pandemic to help us have a better quality of life.

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