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Whether we’re a homebody or a social butterfly, at some point, all of us will run out of ideas for how to keep ourselves occupied while we’re staying at home, and staying away from COVID-19. If that’s true for you, here are some ideas that might help you to be productive!

  1. DIY home inspection. You might take a walk around your property and perform your own basic inspection. Look for signs of water damage, safety hazards, or things that might be decreasing the energy efficiency of your home. You might make a list of things you plan to address later.
  2. Emergency preparedness. While this Coronavirus situation is itself an emergency, other emergencies could happen that you should be prepared for. For example, you might double-check your evacuation route or gather some basic supplies. 
  3. Plan for the future. You may have found some things in idea #1 that you think might be an issue. To be absolutely sure, you should schedule a professional home inspection. Why not give us a call?
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