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You probably already know that carbon monoxide is called a silent killer. Because it’s invisible and there is no odor or taste to it, carbon monoxide can be practically impossible for you and I to detect on our own. Besides the fact that the gas itself can cause serious health problems, it is also flammable and combustible.

Fortunately, carbon monoxide detectors and alarms are increasingly common and cost-effective (especially when you consider that they may wind up saving your life!). They’re also easy to purchase and install on your own. You can also ensure that there is consistent and adequate ventilation in your home.

Perhaps more effective than those things, though, is having a professional inspection performed on your chimney, fireplace, heating system, or any other appliances that operate using natural gas or burn fuel. Identifying potential problems can help keep your family, property, or tenants safe and free from the silent killer – carbon monoxide.

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