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Pesticides have many uses. They can kill insects, rodents, weeds and many other things that encroach on our living spaces. Unfortunately, the chemicals used have not always been safe for humans. In the past, there have even been some that had serious side effects. Today, much more care is exercised to make sure that there are no serious side effects, but you should still exercise care when using and storing them. You should always store pesticides and other chemicals in a safe place where there is no possibility of children accessing them.

You will find instructions for proper handling and storage on the labels provided on the bottle of pesticides. If you transfer the pesticide to a different container, you should write down these instructions on the bottle to make sure it is handled properly.

If it is very windy, you should not apply pesticides since they can travel far and endanger the health of your neighbors. In addition, you should always wear the prescribed protective gear.

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